Nezznar, The Black Spider

A twisted drow with a dark agenda.


A drow of tall stature with white hair, he carries with him a staff with a head in the shape of a spider.


Nezznar is a curious drow, with a penchant for cruelty and subterfuge. He has spies in many unlikely places, and prefers to remain in the shadows as his henchmen do his bidding. Long has he sought after Wave Echo Cave, and when his spies informed him that Gundren Rockseeker had at long last located it, the Black Spider moved quickly. He took over Wave Echo Cave in his hunt of the Forge of Spells. He captured Gundren in order to tie up any loose ends, and keep the secret of Wave Echo Cave hidden as he went about his dark works.
To his dismay, a group of adventurers caught on to his plan, and hunted him down to his new quarters in Wave Echo Cave. There, in a final confrontation he attempted to crush the adventurers by collapsing the cave. However, he was caught in his own trap, and being pinned to the ground was executed by Quick Ben with a deadly blast of electricity.

Nezznar, The Black Spider

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