Cragmaw Castle



About 25 miles north of Phandalin, in the Neverwinter Forest.


Raised by a talented wizard-noble of Phalorm, an ancient realm that once controlled much of the North, the stronghold consists of seven overlapping towers; however, its upper levels have long since collapsed to heaps of crumbling masonry. Only the ground floor is still sound enough to be habitable.

Long forgotten, this once mighty stronghold fell to the grips of the Cragmaw tribe of Goblins, under the direction of their King, a bugbear named Grol. It was here the Goblin bands united and obeyed, and it was here their legacy came to an end.

The goblins, caught up in the plots of The Black Spider, were quickly dispatched by Quick Ben, Tallguy McClean-Shaven, and Rusty Blades. Since it has been cleared, Cragmaw Castle (as it is now known) has been visited by several curious travelers, looking to experience a piece of history. Though they go at great risk, due to the presence of an Owlbear that seems to have taken up residence in the south tower.

Cragmaw Castle

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