Red Larch


The town of Red Larch is a waystop on the Long Road seven days north of Waterdeep, and is located at the intersection of three trails.


One trail leads to the Bargewright Inn, another to Kheldell, and the third runs into the hills to derelict, monster-infested keeps. The town was named for a stand of red larch trees that were chopped down about the time of the town’s founding.

Red Larch is known for its nourishing, though otherwise un-noteworthy food, called crumblecake. Crumblecakes are made into moist loaves from nuts, chickpea mash, chopped roots and greens, turkey and wildfowl scraps, all baked together.


  • Mhandyvver’s Poultry
  • Oneshield Quarries
  • Thelorn’s Safe Journeys


  • Alaglath Chansyrl
  • Sklaen Jhavander
  • Ogmoth Tarnlar


  • The Red Larch Rambler
  • The Helm at Highsun


  • Blackbutter Inn
  • The Swinging Sword

Red Larch

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