Sacred Stone Monastery


The Sacred Stone Monastery is located high in the cliffs of the Sumber Hills, sitting within a hidden sandstone canyon.


The Sacred Stone Monastery appears to consist of a ground floor, and a network of mines beneath it, which serve as a basement. The Black Earth Cult has recently occupied this ancient Monastery. Recently, it was discovered by adventurers that there is a large temple beneath the monastery, known only as the The Temple of the Black Earth.


Few know the history of the Sacred Stone Monastery, as it has been around far long that can be remembered. It is one of the supposed Haunted Keeps, long since abandoned and assumed to have been overrun by monsters. Recently however, the party has discovered that it has become the home of the Black Earth Cult. It is here that these reclusive monks study the ways of the earth in solitude.
After a series of confrontations, the heroes, with the help of The Knights of Samular, extinguished the presence of the Black Earth Cult from the Monastery. The Knights of Samular currently occupy the monastery.

Sacred Stone Monastery

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