Thundertree lies about 30 miles east of Neverwinter, near the edge of Neverwinter Wood.


Thundertree was once a thriving town of woodcutters and trappers. However, thirty years ago the eruption of Mount Hotenow to the north devastated Thundertree. In the wake of the natural disaster, a plague of strange zombies swept over the area, killing or driving off those who survived the eruption. Though most of the zombies have long since crumbled to dust, strange magic permeating the area has mutated the local vegetation into new and dangerous forms. Few dare to venture into this ruined village now, and those who do seldom stay long.
Recently, a dragon cult had moved into the area, though was quickly dispatched by adventurers. These same adventurers drove off the young Green Dragon that had taken up residence in the ruined tower of the town.

It now lies dormant, waiting for other magical beings to occupy it once again.


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