The Sword Coast Legends

Down to Earth.

Land Sharks!

The party awoke to the startling discovery that Hot’man was gone. Frantically, they ran to asks some of the Knights if they had seen him. “Oh yeah, I saw him taking a walk this morning, I think he walked up canyon a little ways.” With that knowledge, the party calmed down a little. As they waiting for Hot’man to return, Ben and Tallguy scoured through a library they found in the monastery. Tallguy quickly lost interest, but Ben kept digging. He came a cross a book that upon inspection, almost seemed to read like a journal. It referenced one Marlos Urnrayle, and the whisperings he heard from something called Ogrémoch. These whispers lead him to a place deep beneath the monastery, and ancient dungeon long forgotten. Upon arrival, Marlos discovered an elemental weapon, Ironfang. Slowly, Marlos began to gather followers to worship the earth with him, ultimately deeming them the Black Earth Cult. Accordingly, the ruins he had discovered became known as the Temple of the Black Earth. Ben scrawled notes into his journal, as this seemed to be quite important. Suddenly, a massive blast shook the monastery. Each of the party was thrown to the ground before rushes to the windows. Rusty was the first to speak up, “The hell was that?!”
As they peered out the windows, they saw a massive column of smoke and fire rising into the air from up the canyon a ways, somewhere beyond their direct sight. The Knights in the monastery began yelling, calling out to make sure everyone was OK. Tallguy whispered “oooh…I hope that wasn’t Hot’man.” Ben looked worried, “We should…we should not go out there. That’s some serious magic.” He turned to the guards, ’We’re going to explore further into this monastery, keep on watch, guard this place. Who knows what may be coming."
The party continued to quickly scour the monastery, not knowing how much time they had. Before long, after searching a room, Rusty noticed a key dangling from a hook on the wall. Curious as he is, he snatched it up and the party ran to the locked iron gate they had discovered in the mines below. At the stairs down to the mines however, Ben quickly stopped them. “Wait. Didn’t we leave some orcs down here?” Rusty and Tallguy thought for a moment. “Damn…we did.”
With that, the party moved more cautiously, peering around the corners of the stairs as they descended. They rushed into the guard’s room at the bottom of the stairs, weapons ready…and there was no-one.


Tipster Tipster

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